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  1. Thanks for the quick response. It is still unexplained as to why it worked in the previous version of UniServer, and not this updated release. I think something in the code is structured incorrectly when I put in the "cookie" authentication method. Not being a programmer I'm extremely challenged with it. Hope the developers of UniServer take a look at this. Thanks again for your time. PS: Is there an alternate? I definitely don't want to use the config method. How about the "http" method? Will this resolve the issue?
  2. After a period on inactivity I have come back to learn Web Serving and Web Site development. I downloaded and configured the most recent version of UniServer. The first couple of times I was able to start and stop both Apache and MySQL. After some configuration changes like enabling password requirement with cookie method for phpmyadmin, MySQL does not stop and when I check my running processes I notice that mysqld-opt.exe has continued to run. I'm having to kill/stop this manually to restart all (Apache & MySQL). Is there something wrong, please help. Running Uniserver on Windows XP SP3 Browser - Firefox 3.6.12 Running US 5.6.15-Nano Running Z-Controller Z-Controller 1 - Beta 1.2 Uniform Server version: 5.6.15-Nano WinBinder version: 0.46.191 WinBinder PHP version: 5.3.3 Thanks very much.
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