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  1. Hi Ric, Thanks for the help... for some reason it still didn't work. I found a mini-fix but ran into another problem. In the same directory of the mqsetup.php I noticed there is a mysql_password file that contained the default root password. Even after changing the password when opening the file, the password still was "root". I deleted the file, followed your steps to point to the ini file, restarted, and that file reappeared but this time it was blank. From this point, security check said it was secure. phpmyadmin still won't load up. You mentioned something about mysql ports, but I've yet to even get that far! I haven't done much, basically changed the other passwords. I'm about to start from scratch. Would you suggest using a different version of US?
  2. Ok... I found the uniform server after having trouble with other wamp installations. I like the fact that TUS is touted as "secure for production" out of the box. All I've done so far is unpacked and stuck it on a drive all by itself. I ran the security check and changed all the passwords except for the mysql password. I looked at the documentation and followed the directions: 1 - input password 2 - click change 3 - stop server with stop.bat (I'm using 'Stop_Server.bat' found in the Alternative Control folder) 4 - start server with start.bat (same dir as above, 'Start_Server.bat') 5 - The default Uniform Server info/index page comes up 6 - I click Admin page 7 - I'm STILL greeted with the "unsecure" change mysql password under the Security Checklist heading I've tried several things: a - after step 2, I wait 10 seconds and go on to step 3 b - after step 2, I wait until the page says Done and refreshes and @ the top of the apanel with "cannot read file" c - after step 2, immediately go on to step 3. none seem to work... actually I just realized that even after restoring the mysql password, the top of the Change Password screen, it says "cannot read file" I'm going insane.
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