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  1. Well, something was conflicting with it. I tried to install MySQL standalone and it also was unable to connect--until I killed and restarted all mysql and apache related services. Now it works great. Yay! I love Uniform Server
  2. I have downloaded and unzipped Uniform Server 3.5 I have changed nothing. When I run Server_Start.bat everything appears to work perfectly with the exception of MySQL. If I click on phpMyAdmin from the admin panel, I get this: If I attempt to change the MySQL password via the admin panel, I get this: I cannot login via command line with "W:\usr\local\mysql\bin\mysql -uroot -proot" because I get the following: I'm at a loss as to how I can get MySQL working. I have no competing installation of MySQL on my box. This is a completely fresh copy of Uniform Server, out of the box. my 'mysql_password' file says 'root' in it. It appears that's what the system things is correct...
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