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SQL error lc_messages 'es_ES'

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Hi, I was using version 12.2.0 and everything worked perfectly, but after upgrading to the 12.4.0 and trying to access phpMyAdmin, I got this error:



consulta SQL: Editar
SET lc_messages = 'es_ES';
MySQL ha dicho:
#1231 - Variable 'lc_messages' can't be set to the value of 'es_ES'


I didn't have another option rather than go to the path UniServerZ\home\us_opt1\locale and try to change the name of the folder 'es' by 'es_ES' and it worked well.


My native language is Spanish.

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Remove this mistake is easy how difficult is it going to show you when you indicate the language. That mistake I could not fix it.


you need to change the my.ini file as follows.

source directory: UniServerZ\core\mysql


Find this line;



and this adds up:

# Change your locale here !


A greeting!

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I already try it, after i do that the next time i open UniController it send me a message asking to change the mysql password, i change it and it can't complete the process, sending me a message saying "failed to change mysql password" and then it send another message saying than UniController must close due to an error.

and because of that, in practice, i can't use it.


Plz, have in mind i just download the latest version up-to-date from the webpage, and i just install it in one clean folder.

in brief, your solution works @display, but opens a new error.

Any ideas?, i'm all read.



Thanks in advance.

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