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  1. I was constantly teased, but he was never at the point of "I seriously don't want to go to school/hate my life". This helped me reach adult height (not to mention weight...) at the age of 13/14, so I could torment Muller, and over time my behavior became less defensive, and I could actually have a conversation with people I used to despise. In the end, I fell in love with the sixth form almost as much as the university.
  2. It's good and all to trade your labor for money, whatever your job is, and some jobs are particularly lucrative, but the best approach is to passively make money. Perhaps get enough capital to buy property then hire a good management company to rent it out, paying them a portion of the proceeds. With minimal oversight or additional investment, you just collect revenues. Most of these methods require that you have money to begin with, so the first hurdle is to get a job, save, and in the meantime think about what you would invest a chunk of cash that you are working towards having in order to get these passive returns.
  3. It's so strange to read such a message. There is nothing about feelings here. You only talk about money, money, money ... it's horrible. Let her be an immigrant or something else. It doesn't make her any worse or better than you. It does not matter who her parents are and how her children live, the main thing is only your feelings. This may seem very naive, but I really believe in it. I also wanted to say that if you are in doubt, you will find here the videochat one that you love
  4. What is everyone reading atm ? I'll start : Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand ( reading for the 3rd time it's absolutely brilliant) and the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman ( also a work of art ) Anyone else ?
  5. I think the main thing is the right marketing plan. You can try to start your own business or work as a freelancer. Both options are good. I decided to start a small online business that provides cars for rent. I think this is a good and profitable business idea. To do this, I needed Visa prepaid cards, more details here Visa® Rewards Cards.
  6. I'm thinking about starting to do photoshop. I've been taking different courses. Now I'm planning to get a job at a company and start making invitation posters for different events. Do you have any options for these invitations?
  7. Scinetic


    Interesting topic!I use the U-chord for my chord reference guide. I use call recording for iphone it sounds strange, but sometimes inspiration comes you quickly recorded, and then re-recorded in the studio . I use the Ultimate Guitar Tab and DoctorUke to search for tunes. I use chords for chord music that I can't find already chorded. That's all.
  8. Wow, great news
  9. Scinetic

    Harley Quinn

    This is great news. I love league of legends! Recently, even Buy a league of legends account through the Happy Smurf platform here to improve your skills. I want to become a professional player and take part in tournamen
  10. Scinetic

    Family Store

    How do you like our store?
  11. There are so many complex and disturbing things in this world right now that I'm glad I recently found a great tool that helps me relax and forget about all my worries THC Distillate https://ladyjaneexpress.com/shop/vapes/thc-distillate-syringes This is really a very cool and pleasant thing that puts my nerves and sleep in order, and I am very, very happy that I was able to get such an attractive experience of easy relaxation.
  12. A couple Track Covers
  13. This will not be a big problem if you are not using it for charging. But it would be nice if you put it on when he is 15 and walk out when he is over 80. Personally, I don’t pay attention, I just don’t play charging. Also, if you play on the charger, your connector gets damaged, in which case this article will help you how to charge a phone with a broken charger port here is the link https://howtolifeguide.com/how-to-charge-a-phone-with-a-broken-charger-port/ that's a lot of useful info.
  14. Scinetic

    latest trip

    I don't remember the last time I traveled. It was a very long time ago, unfortunately, when I was still small and going to primary school.
  15. The age is taken. The skin is not so elastic anymore. I am almost 40 years old. I want to preserve the beauty. But getting under the knife of a plastic surgeon is not a wish. Botox and silicone injections are also not an option. What drugs are effective for rejuvenation?
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