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  1. Thank you oliviasslguru and hilary johnson for your replies
  2. you can purchase a wildcard certificate. If you want to prevent hackers from intercepting information through your site, you should buy this certificate. You may have met sites with a green lock or domain near the url. This is just the designation of a site with an ssl certificate.
  3. This indicates the encryption level. If the lock or domain is green, it means that the site has an ssl certificate installed. Everyone can buy a wildcard certificate for their site. If the lock is red or crossed out, it is better not to leave your personal information on this site.
  4. It depends on your needs but you can use wix, or wordpress for that puspose or use some help of professionals. Personally I prefer the last option. And it's also necessary to choose wildcard ssl certificate to get security and show your visitors that every part of your online presence is totally protected.
  5. I work as a top Manager in one of the leading companies in my country. The pay is very good, but I would not say that I like this job.
  6. It's became a common and very important question nowadays, don't you think so? Your thoughts? How can people protect their privacy in the internet or even outside?
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