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  3. A couple Track Covers
  4. This will not be a big problem if you are not using it for charging. But it would be nice if you put it on when he is 15 and walk out when he is over 80. Personally, I don’t pay attention, I just don’t play charging. Also, if you play on the charger, your connector gets damaged, in which case this article will help you how to charge a phone with a broken charger port here is the link https://howtolifeguide.com/how-to-charge-a-phone-with-a-broken-charger-port/ that's a lot of useful info.
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    I don't remember the last time I traveled. It was a very long time ago, unfortunately, when I was still small and going to primary school.
  6. The age is taken. The skin is not so elastic anymore. I am almost 40 years old. I want to preserve the beauty. But getting under the knife of a plastic surgeon is not a wish. Botox and silicone injections are also not an option. What drugs are effective for rejuvenation?
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  8. I was going through my boyfriend's photos on his phone yesterday and i came across some porn images. we have just started dating since 2 months and I don't feel that comfortable talking to him about this yet. He is my first boyfriend so I don't know much about how to react to this. All boys watch porn right? Should I make a big deal about the fact that he watches porn? Does this mean that he is impatient to have sex with me?
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  10. Sometimes I like to just use my imagination, especially after a great sexual experience with my wife. Also, sometimes I read some good erotic literature or live porno webcam https://vibragame.net/en/chatroulette/, or I spend some time thinking about something amazing from my past.
  11. It depends on what type of car you want to ship, and the shipment distance. Honestly I think you need to search for more information on the internet, you will find something useful
  12. Only sports I watch on TV are football (soccer), used to play it by myself until about 5 years ago, I was in a team with MBob/G*P, and Formula 1. I don't like Michael Schumacher tho, so I don't have much fun watching it...
  13. Thank you oliviasslguru and hilary johnson for your replies
  14. you can purchase a wildcard certificate. If you want to prevent hackers from intercepting information through your site, you should buy this certificate. You may have met sites with a green lock or domain near the url. This is just the designation of a site with an ssl certificate.
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