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  1. sudeepjd

    32 bit version

    We at the UniformServer team have been historically building US on the 32 bit versions for compatibility. However, over the last few weeks we have been debating moving away from the 32 bit versions and providing the 64 bit versions only. We will be releasing an update soon using the 64 bit versions of Apache, MySQL and accompanying modules.
  2. Thanks for letting us know.. Will check it out and rectify.
  3. Firstly, my apologies with the delay in response. Can you please give us a little more information on what you mean by adding in the 32 bit files? Do you mean after installing the VC_redist.x86.exe? After installation does it still complain about the missing vcruntime140.dll in your error.log?
  4. @xymox12 Will look into it.. Thanks. Sudeep.
  5. It does not require you to enter the mysql password.. It prompts you to change it.. Keeping the mysql password as the default "root" is insecure as everybody knows that this password is out of the box.. If you change the password, it will no longer prompt you. If you still want to retain the password, you can set the Nag_user=false in the home/us_config/us_config.ini file on line 59.
  6. The Versions of Apache and PHP bundled in the UniformServer are the x86 versions so as to be compatible with both the x86 as well as x64 systems that it can be run on. Hence the need to install the VC_redist.x86.exe Redistributable and not the x64 version.
  7. If the script posted by @Hoo Host is giving you out of memory errors even before the maximum memory limit is reached, it is probably limited by the ThreadStack size by Apache as well. You can try increasing the ThreadStackSize in the core/apache2/conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf file. By default this is set at 64*1024=65536. Please note that increasing this also affects the allocated memory to other running processes on your system so do this at your own risk.
  8. In the latest release of UniformServer Zero XIV 14.0.1, we have removed the need for the AutoIT script to hide the MySQL8 Console window. This version should no longer be flagged as a false positive malware.
  9. @chros Thank you for bringing this up.. It was a problem with the Controller. We have fixed it in the latest Uniform Server Zero v14.0.1 and UniController v2.3.1 You should be able to see the Server IP address now. The Server IP address is basically your IP address as seen from the internet.
  10. With the released update of UniController v2.3.1, we have removed the need for the AutoIT script MySQLHide.. and so the latest version of UniformServer Zero XIV 14.0.1 will not have the script and will scan clean. home/us_pear/Intall_PEAR.exe -> This is in the ZeroXIV_pear_1_0_0.exe module, which completely automates the PEAR installation still contains the AutoIT script which completely automates the PEAR installation, and may scan as a false positive.
  11. The Uniform Server team is glad to announce a minor update to Uniform Server Zero XIV. This version of UniformServer Zero XIV v14.0.1 can be found ON SourceForge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/ The UniformServer is now open source, the Controller Code is now published on github at https://github.com/iamola/uniserver The following modules that have been updated: Core Unicontroller v2.3.1 - The Uniform Server Controller added support for PHP 7.4 and removed the need for the MySQLHide Apache v2.4.41 from Apache v2.4.39 PHP Added PHP v7.4.0 PHP v7.3.11 from PHP v7.3.9 PHP v7.2.25 from PHP v7.2.22 PHP v7.1.33 from PHP v7.1.32 Databases MySQL 8.0.18-community from MySQL 8.0.17-community MySQL 5.7.28-community from MySQL 5.7.27-community MariaDB 10.4.10 from MariaDB 10.4.8 MariaDB 5.5.66 from MariaDB 5.5.65 Database Administration phpMyAdmin 4.9.2 from phpMyAdmin Adminer 4.7.5 from Adminer 4.7.2 The latest modules of Uniform Server are at https://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Uniform Server ZeroXIV/ZeroXIV Modules/ Help Needed I would like to request for the following help from the community. If you find any bugs, please feel free to either post on the forum or raise an issue on github so we can track and fix them. If you can fix the bug, please fork the github repo and issue a pull request.
  12. There has been some concerns from the community of UniformServer Zero XIV being flagged as Malware or a Tojan, this is because we have included AutoIT scripts into the codebase to make some of the processes easier. Please see more information about it at
  13. My apologies for the late reply on this thread. For the ease of use, we have included a couple of AutoIT scripts to make a couple of things easier for users and unfortunately some of the Antivirus programs treat any AutoIT scripts as bad. I have posted an announcement on the Announcements thread. And have submitted this to VirusTotal as well. In the next version, we will make these scripts an optional modular include so that the users may include this additional scripts based on their need. Please be assured that there is no Virus or Malware or Trojan of any kind in UniformServer. All the source code is on our Github repo. Thanks.
  14. The standard way would be to use a .php extension for a file containing PHP code. That way if another developer takes up your work, the standards would help that new programmer easily take over. Yes adding in the handler to the .html file in .htaccess would work, but would not be a standard way of doing things.
  15. We have received some concerns from the community that Uniform Server Zero XIV 14.0.0 is being flagged as a Trojan or Malware by some antivirus scanners. This is because we have included a couple of compiled AutoIT scripts in the new version. Unfortunately some of the antivirus scanners seem to be flagging ANY AutoIT programs as malware just because they are written in AutoIT (See Note Below). A forum discussion can be found at https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/126034-protect-yourself-against-false-virus-detection/ We have submitted these files to VirusTotal as well to see if they can get excluded as a not a virus. The specific files in Uniform Server XIV 14.0.0 are as follows: core/mysql/bin/mysqlhide.exe -> This hides the console window for MySQL8. home/us_pear/Intall_PEAR.exe -> This is in the ZeroXIV_pear_1_0_0.exe module, which completely automates the PEAR installation. The source code of these files can be found at our UniformServer Github repo at https://github.com/iamola/uniserver/tree/master/UniController/autoit Note: I tested a blank compiled AutoIT file with nothing more than a comment at https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/236867139b4fc19924f1e228aaec3c8b3bee7f40717277bdb906f0ab15874930/detection and it seems to be caught as malware by scanning engines.
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