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  1. Hello everybody, I see 162 views and only 2 people replied to the questions. Please could you give more insight on the subject - I would VERY apreciate it! Thanks
  2. Lyle thanks for your reply, the thing is as far I have experience with technology that many times software works but then you discover "gremlins" and find out several problems that are caused because of non-compatibility... I am sure you know this. That is why I asked for help as I am not familiar with this type of work - server based I mean... I have been setting up PC's since I can remember... Win 3.11 from diskettes and so on... but server, WordPress based work is new to me... I would like to have such version that I can access WordPress remotely and manage things as admin... and also reset server sometimes - I do not know what is suggested period - once a week, month etc... I would also like that the WordPress Plugins will work... as if the WordPress with all the Plugins I will "really need - I do not know yet..." won't work surely and flawlessly there is no point doing the project... Lyle if you have an insight to my doubts I will be very happy to hear it.... also to my specific questions I wrote above in BOLD. I am learning here and nothing excites me more as learning things to pull this thru as you know it is so with new things to the man :-) Thanks to all you guys for helping! Regards, ----------- W16
  3. Olajide thank you for insight, I read some versions (newer ones do not work on XP Windows) and as I am not much aquinted with Uniform Server I wouldn't want to install the wrong one as I wouldn't know is it because the version is not for XP made or I went wrong somewhere... etc. Am I wrong regarding that some versions do not work on XP Pro. SP3 as I read that under Announcments... ? Which version would you install and what else beside the Uniform Server do I need to install (Uniform Server additional plugins etc...) so in my main Q mentioned project will function as it should? Oh, I have no need to ran it on USB stick as you may already figured out! Do I correctly understand that also a grafic card is needed wor the WordPress web site to function better - the HP/Compaq has integreted grafic card but I have "a brand new ATI Radeon 256 MB" for installing - so my Q is am I wrong as far as it concerns the needed grafic card to run a server with WordPress site with also grafic images , pdf...?? Or a dedicated is more than enough? When more users see the site and open grafic material does it make a difference? Regarding PC DDR ram I have installed 1x2 GB and 3x1 GB (3x TURBO MEMORY BLACK/Silver stick pqi25400-1024DB DDR2-667 1GB(512MBx2) CL4-4-4-12 Dual Channel) - is this good ram for server? I am also wondering regarding Hard Drive as I have an option to leave WD 500 GB + install 640 additional GB WD (this one is 320 GBx2 in one model : Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB 3,5 SATA-300 16MB HDD) or should I take out the 500GB and install 2x640 GB - opinion on speed I mean??? What is your opinion regarding "Q4: - Do not wanna go into direction of buying expensive (I do not even have the funds...) Windows Server Standard 2012 for this, maybe it would not even function any better???" I mean does the OS XP PRof. SP3 + Uniform Server suffice comparing to Windows Server Standard 2012 or it is much worser solution (long term I mean, now of course I will go with the Unf. Server)? I just mean what pros/Cons have Uniform Server vs. GUI-Windows Server Standard 2012 ? Thanks to all you guys for helping! Regards, ----------- W16
  4. Hello everybody, I am looking for a software to turn a PC - desktop almoust NEW/UNused but older: H.P.-Compaq Dual Core2 Duo - 2x2.6Ghz, 500 GB + 640 GB hard drive *or* 640 GB + 640 GB hard drive, 5 GB Ram, ATI Radeon 256 MB into a server. Q1: - Hardware specs. sufficient??? The main reason is because it has OEM Licensed (Sticker) Original Windows XP Profesional and OEM upgraded to SP3. It was fresh installed with drivers month ago... Besides Windows XP Prof. SP3 is a very stable and good O.S. at least by my opinion - probably the reason why NATO (the Army) is implementing it these days... I am as mentioned looking for a software to turn it into Server (will get Static IP from Internet provider) and will probably (95-99%) run a Wordpress web site with plugins! It should be less ocupied by users in first 6 months, 1 year but later also it could have many users (maybe 500-1000 browsing at once... ). Q2: - Will it suffice for the mentioned traffic – no games, demanding videos etc. ... it will run text + grafic material (pictures (maybe like size for 1 picture 50-100 kb and some pdf's in size like 1-2 MB for 1 PDF...) that is what it concerns high MB... ??? Q3: - Could you please help me out in choosing best version of UniForm Server that runs without any problems on this O.S. (Windows XP Prof. SP3 + Wordpress)? Q3.1: - And yes also which additions »Plugins etc.« of Uniform Server (if they are needed to install so it will run flawlessly on this O.S. (Windows XP Prof. SP3 + Wordpress) version I must choose and install so it will work without problems??? Q4: - Do not wanna go into direction of buying expensive (I do not even have the funds...) Windows Server Standard 2012 for this, maybe it would not even function any better??? Help much appreciated... Thank you in advance! ***** W16
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