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  1. version 13.0.1 already has solved this problem.
  2. It seems that this has not been resolved in version 12.4.1.
  3. Hi, I was using version 12.2.0 and everything worked perfectly, but after upgrading to the 12.4.0 and trying to access phpMyAdmin, I got this error: I didn't have another option rather than go to the path UniServerZ\home\us_opt1\locale and try to change the name of the folder 'es' by 'es_ES' and it worked well. My native language is Spanish.
  4. rustyp: Adminer is now a module that you can download easily from Uniform Server ZeroXII modules. then put exe file downloaded to the UniServerZ directory and execute it to install.
  5. I'm using the new version and has been added Spanish language in phpMyAdmin. Thank you very much for taking into account the suggestions of the users.
  6. I'm asking this because this is my native language and I would use it in phpMyAdmin to facilitate the use of it, although English is not a problem for me, but I think it would be very useful for others who speak Spanish.
  7. @cxdani: yes, it's probably the most easy solution to do this.
  8. Yes, they really did an excellent job in this new version. Congratulations!
  9. Hello, I am writing because I would like them to add the Spanish language in phpMyAdmin.
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