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    Thank you.

    Hi there Quick question to Ric: Is UniFormServer 8.9.x end of life? So you just update/develop UniFormServer Zero in future??
  2. There is an reproducable bug in all Steel Releases. If you change the MySQL root password into one with the dollar ( $ ) sign, you will get an error on phpMyAdmin.
  3. In UniServer steel 5b is a bug. Enable PHP accelerator APC and apache wont start anymore.
  4. It's not because you are blind. It's because this forum is half-dead. I mean near zero active users. I think you have to open the port 80 and 443 in the windows firewall on the server.
  5. The UniServer Steel Beta on a Windows Server 2012 is superfast and stable. Great work guys!
  6. Please take a screenshot of the whole /www folder. All folder expanded please.
  7. You say: It takes me not to 'homepage.php' but to an error message saying that 'MYWORKINTRANET/LIVE/homepage.php cannot be found. This is in my eyes NOT directly in /www
  8. Depends where your homepage.php is stored on the /www folder... just make the link correct
  9. Awesome lack of informations. Which Shop?
  10. Do it with commandline? http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/mysql-change-root-password/
  11. HI There is no automatic update available. What i do: If you have UnIServer on C:\ 1.) Unpack the new version to C:\NEW_UniServer 2.) Copy the content of C:\UniServer\www to C:\NEW_UniServer\www (<-- clear it first) 3.) Stop and uninstall all UniServer-services 4.) Copy all your custom database-folders AND the folder mysql from C:\UniServer\usr\local\mysql\data to C:\NEW_UniServer\usr\local\mysql\data (overwrite yes) 5.) rename C:\UniServer to C:\OLD_UniServer 6.) rename C:\NEW_UniServer to C:\UniServer 7.) start the Start_as_service.exe and install the sevices and turn it on. finish. Has worked everytime for me. Maybe not the best-practice, but... it works.
  12. Jep, same here. No 8.5.5 download.
  13. This is your fail, not Joomlas or UniServer. Uninstall the template first form backend. Then store the template outside of www folder (desktop or so) and install it directly from the Joomla backend.
  14. Install this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29 and install all .NET updates: 3.5 SP1 and 4.0. You can get them via optional Windows Updates. ! And uninstall the services. Then reboot the server, delete and reinstall Coral 8.5.3.
  15. What car you driving. No seriously; -OS -Firewall -AntiVirus -Version of UniServer ("i use the latest" - what if you read this thread a year later?) -content of htaccess
  16. I have tested this too. The effort is not measurable imo. You can use the freeware "Prio - Process Priority Saver" It saves the priority you choose in the windows taskmanager. http://www.prnwatch.com/prio.html
  17. Here you got, see attachment. http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...ost&p=10151
  18. It's only my guess, but install the optional Windows updates .NET 4 (and all patches, service packs). Solves the problem im my cases.
  19. Delete everything in the www folder - except the joomla folder and the htaccess file. Now copy the contents of the joomla folder into /www/ Done.
  20. Oh my... you are right! I can't enabled the checkboxes too.
  21. Hm.... delete the UnIServer folder an download Coral 8.5.0 again. Works here without problems...
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