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  1. Check you .htaccess configuration, add Options +FollowSymLinks
  2. @ZNote, Are you using Uniserver? IMO, there is no way to limit log file size. You still can auto delete all logs using cron job.
  3. I don't think so as it's too easy to track currently online visitors just using PHP.
  4. As the title says. I regularly use APC for my accelerator, and I have to add it manually everytime I updated Uniserver. Is it possible to include it on php extension by default for next release? Maybe other accelerators too. Thanks.
  5. Using a router usually will fail since the laptop is using DHCP (192.168.x.x) from your router. You may test it with broadband connection (any direct internet connection), Uniserver should run fine.
  6. You need to use the same version, f.i, use php_soap version 5.2 for PHP version 5.2.x and php sorap version 5.3 for PHP version 5.3.x
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