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  1. Hello every body thanks for your efforts develop the fantastic server so I suggest to add a link to us_opt3 in index.php file as phpmyadmin and adminer thanks again
  2. Thanks for your response to my suggestions, and here is a great modification for index,php features: html5 fix three cells in every row link to display phpmyadmin add htm, html files to server files links best wishes M.A.S index.zip
  3. i suggest to edit index.php in the root folder www to hide index.php from the list of server php files. edit the line 75 to be: if (strtolower(strrchr($file, '.'))==".php" && $file!="index.php"){ and add link to splash page to show server details. best wishes
  4. I suggest adding the possibility of developing more than one version of php or mysql or apche in usr/local folder with a choice which one is the default? As found in the program wamp I think that we need only modify the .ini files to carry it out is great and so we can update the software without losing the work that we were
  5. The solve with me was ti change the path to the server when i changed it to another location it works fine ...............
  6. The same fault in my win7 x86 the problem seems to be in Apache the images doesn't appear
  7. may be, but we want to solve this bug to be good in all OSs. thanks Caps
  8. I was use uniform server in win xp sp3 and there is no problem. but when I used win 7 enterprise sp1 I found that the functions : apache_running and mysql_running doesn't send it's returned value to the batch server status. so the batch prints Not running and Undefined!
  9. mas123


    Thanks, I can translate to Arabic
  10. thanks for unformserver team, I suggest to change the php code of the index.php in the root of the server to the one attached to this post. to display the server projects(folders) and server php files. the changes is to put this code after line 86 <tr><td colspan="3" style="text-align: center;"><h2>Server Projects</h2></td></tr><?php $n = 0; foreach (scandir("./") as $file){ if (is_dir($file) && !in_array($file, array(".", "..", "css", "images"))){ $n++; echo ($n % 2 == 0 ? "<td>$n - <a href='" . $file . "' target='_blank'>" . $file . "</a></td></tr>" : "<tr><td>$n - <a href='" . $file . "' target='_blank'>" . $file . "</a></td><td></td>"); } } echo ($n == 0 ? "<tr><td style='color: red;' colspan='3'>There is no folders in the server root.</td></tr>" : ($n % 2 == 0 ? "" : "<td></td></tr>"));?> <tr><td colspan="3" style="text-align: center;"><h2>Server Php Files</h2></td></tr><?php $n = 0; foreach (scandir("./") as $file){ if (strtolower(strrchr($file, '.'))==".php" ){ $n++; echo ($n % 2 == 0 ? "<td>$n - <a href='" . $file . "' target='_blank'>" . $file . "</a></td></tr>" : "<tr><td>$n - <a href='" . $file . "' target='_blank'>" . $file . "</a></td><td></td>"); } } echo ($n == 0 ? "<tr><td style='color: red;' colspan='3'>There is no Php Files in the server root.</td></tr>" : ($n % 2 == 0 ? "" : "<td></td></tr>"));?> hope to be good for you. M.A.S index.zip
  11. thanks for your efforts, uniform server team work but is there a way to make the server contain more than one version of php or mysql or apache? to change between them I hope it's possible thank you
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