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Getting everything to autostart on bootup...


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I'm running UniServer on my secondary rig, a 2.8C P4 with 2GB DDR333 and 2x 80GB HDDs. I want UniServer to completely start up with MySQL and everything. I made a shortcut to the Server_Start.bat file and tossed it into the Windows Start folder so it does run the moment the system boots up. That just supports PHP/HTML though.


However, I want to make it so that MySQL also runs automagically. Can I create a bat file that will run a web browser and go to the URL (http://localhost/apanel/cgi-bin/en/rmysql.cgi) and then close the web browser? Is there anything more simple? Any ideas anyone?


Will this link help me at all? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/164674


Edit- Nevermind, I did a search and found the answer here in the forums:



Feel free to close or delete this thread. Thanks!

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