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Should I replace my heat exchanger or entire furnace?


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Hi everyone!

I’m hoping to get some advice from the community here.

Last week, my 9-year-old Goodman furnace started leaking water. When a technician came to check it out, they said the heat exchanger was faulty and suggested replacing the entire furnace with a new Rheem unit, quoting me $4800 for the job.

I've looked into it, and I'm seeing mixed opinions on whether it's better to replace the whole furnace or just the heat exchanger.

On one hand, a new furnace could mean over 10 years of reliable heating.

On the other hand, my current furnace still works fine and is under warranty (parts only).

For context, the furnace model is GMH990504CXAD, manufactured in October 2011.

What do you all think? How much could I save if I only replace the heat exchanger?

Also, can anyone recommend a reliable HVAC company in North Vancouver?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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Highly recommend you check out the best HVAC company in Vancouver, Vancouver Furnace Repair. They have a great reputation and will be able to help you out with your furnace. My brother in law has used them multiple times from Installing a new furnace to doing maintenance on his commercial buildings HVAC systems. The crew over there really know's what they are doing.

I think at that price the best thing to do is just replace the unit. There's some government rebates that can reduce the price of a new HVAC system so long as it's energy efficient. 

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