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Andrew Sherman

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With MetaTrader, you have access to a highly professional trading platform, available in versions MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 at FXFlat. Based on a stable, reliable, and extensively proven infrastructure, MetaTrader software is among the most well-known and widely used trading platforms worldwide for CFD and Forex trading.

By having access to a wide range of indicators and automated trading systems, chart functions, and analysis tools, you trade CFD, Forex, and futures trading with lightning-fast order execution - no matter how volatile the market is. The MetaTrader platform is one of the most popular, technologically advanced, and user-friendly trading platforms. It provides the optimal solution online trading, technical analysis, and automated trading - a modern trader needs.

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Stop Loss is a pending order that can be combined with other technical indicators, and act as a price alert, in order to manage the high risk of losing money in these markets. When opening a new position, the value you set for Stop Loss is the price at which the trade will be automatically closed to avoid losing money rapidly. This would prevent a high risk in volatile markets if your forecast turned out to be incorrect.

Take Profit is another type of pending order that works similarly when you have open trades. You set the Take Profit value to close the trade automatically as soon as it reaches the target profit amount. The goal here is to lock profits and prevent a high risk of losing a vast majority of your investments.

S/L or T/P are open orders that can be set up or modified in the order window. The specific values depend on your trading strategy and risk tolerance as well as the past performance of your asset. But one thing to note is that you can’t set them too close to the current price. In this case, you will see the message ‘Invalid S/L or T/P’.

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Orexbot stands out with its advanced algorithms that precisely identify market directions. This cutting-edge feature enables you to make informed decisions, enhancing the accuracy of your trades. Experience unparalleled success as Orexbot seamlessly aligns itself with market trends. This powerful trend-following strategy ensures that you capitalize on market movements, optimizing your trading performance.

Your capital is our priority. Orexbot integrates a robust risk management system, incorporating strategic stop-loss and take-profit mechanisms. Safeguard your investments against volatility and trade with confidence. Tailor your trading experience with Orexbot's powerful money management system. Customize parameters to match your risk tolerance and market preferences, providing flexibility in adapting to various trading conditions.

Rest easy knowing Orexbot adheres to safe trading practices. Say goodbye to risky strategies like Grid or Martingale, and trade with confidence, knowing that your financial security is our top priority. Orexbot is designed to work with MT4 and MT5, which are primarily used on desktop computers, Macs, PCs, or VPS. However, you can easily stay on top of your trades from anywhere using your mobile device.

If you'd like to know more, please follow this link - Orexbot forex ea trader review
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