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Belgravia Painting and Decorating

Andrew Sherman

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Here at Bulger Wicks decorating, your local Belgravia painter and decorator, we pride ourselves on being long-established and producing the very highest standard of painting and decorating services, at every property we work on. Our highly experienced, trained decorators have many years of experience, ensuring the very best finish to your Belgravia property. Whether you have a private residence, a commercial property, a school, or a college, we can provide high-quality painting and decorating services to both the interior and exterior of your Belgravia property.

If you are preparing your private residence for sale, did you know that fully decorating the interior and exterior of the property before putting it on the market, will increase its value by up to fifteen per cent? As we all know, even the most modest property in Belgravia can command a very high price and a fifteen percent increase is not to be sniffed at. It would be far more than the actual cost of the redecoration, leaving you quid in. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your Belgravia private residence, there is nothing better than a professionally decorated home. The key to the perfect finish is preparation and this is where many DIY decorators don’t come up to par. Correct and complete removal of wallpaper and rubbing down and priming wood and metal surfaces will make a difference to both the look and longevity of the finished job.

One common complaint we often hear about painting and decorating companies is the mess they leave when they have finished. Here at Bulger Wicks Decorating, we train all of our professional decorators to ensure the final and often most critical part of the whole project is the clean-up. Other than the smell of fresh paint and a wonderful-looking home, you wouldn’t know we had been there at all. Here at Bulger Wicks decorating, we don’t just paint and decorate the interior and exterior of private residences. We also provide full professional painting and decorating services for commercial Belgravia properties, including schools and colleges.

Well-decorated commercial properties can quite literally have a direct effect on the profitability of a business. If you have a retail property in Belgravia, a well-decorated and tidy exterior will make the difference between potential customers even coming into your store. And once inside, the same can be said about whether they will stay to shop or not. It is a well-known fact that office workers and students work in a better and more efficient way if they are in a well-decorated, bright and inspirational environment.



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