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How can you create an accessible and spam-free email?

Joseph Joshua

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Your subject line is the first thing your recipients see, and it can make or break your open rate. A good subject line should be concise, specific, and relevant to your email content and audience. Avoid using misleading, vague, or spammy words that might trigger spam filters or lower your credibility. For example, instead of "You won't believe this amazing offer", try "Save 20% on your next purchase with this coupon code".

Your email design should adapt to different devices, screen sizes, and email clients so that your recipients can view your email comfortably and correctly. Use a responsive email template that adjusts to the width of the screen and resizes your images and fonts accordingly. Avoid using too many images, videos, or animations that might slow down your email loading or distract from your message. Use alt text for your images, captions for your videos, and descriptive links for your calls to action. Make sure your text is readable, with enough contrast, font size, and spacing. Use headings, lists, and paragraphs to organize your content and make it easier to scan.

Your email content should be relevant, valuable, and concise for your audience. Use a friendly and conversational tone that reflects your brand voice and personality. Address your recipients by their name, if possible, and use the second person to create a connection. Write short sentences and paragraphs, and use bullet points, subheadings, and bold text to highlight your key points. Include a clear and compelling call to action that tells your recipients what you want them to do next, such as clicking a link, signing up for a webinar, or replying to your email.

Before you hit send, you should test and optimize your email to ensure that it looks good, works well, and delivers your message. Use an email testing tool to check how your email displays on different devices, browsers, and email clients. Fix any issues with your layout, images, links, or code. Use an email spam checker to scan your email for any elements that might trigger spam filters, such as your subject line, sender name, content, or HTML code. Adjust your email accordingly to improve your deliverability and avoid landing in the spam folder.

One of the best ways to create an accessible and spam free email is to segment and personalize your email according to your audience's preferences, behaviours, and needs. By sending the right email to the right person at the right time, you can increase your open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate. You can segment your email list based on criteria such as location, interest, purchase history, or engagement level. You can personalize your email by using dynamic content, such as name, location, or product recommendations, based on your recipients' data. You can also use email automation to send triggered emails based on your recipients' actions, such as subscribing, abandoning a cart, or completing a purchase.

Finally, you should monitor and measure your email performance to see how well your email is received, opened, clicked, and converted by your audience. You can use email analytics tools to track metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and conversion rate. You can also use email feedback tools to collect feedback from your recipients, such as ratings, surveys, or comments. By analyzing your email data and feedback, you can identify what works and what doesn't, and improve your email strategy accordingly.
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