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Mysql just stopped working


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So I get on my PC after coming home and notice the mysql is not up. I try turning it on and the command window doesn't even show, so I go to do it manually and the window flashes so fast I can't see the error, I've tried to print screen it but I can;t. I re-installed the server and it's still not working. I'm pissed. help out!

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Make sure you have the latest version of Uniform Server (which is 3.3a).


And also make sure you have no other instance of MySQL Server running on the machine.

A way to check this on windows XP is to go into your task manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and look for a process containing "mysql".


Also make sure that the MySQL server is not blocked by any firewalls.

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There must be something making it not to start... thats what you have to look for. No one here can just come into your PC... check to make sure that you do not have another installation of MySQL or a file named LIBMYSQL.DLL in the C:/Windows or C:/Windows/System32 folder.


Also check to make sure that you did not just install or are not running another program that uses MySQL like 3DsMax and some other programs i have been hearing about that uses MySQL to store data.

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