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New releases stalled?


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On 2/17/2020 at 3:30 PM, olajideolaolorun said:

You @Twinky, are expert level. lol 

lol.. i've spent years tinkering with indy sockets in delphi. This has given me a better understanding of how the whole http / sockets system works than many web designers.

I had to work around the lack of a supplied dns server (for locally hosted virtual hosting accessible to the rest of the network) but then that left me with a problem of getting all devices on the network configured to use the right dns server and so i had to create a dhcp server just so that i could specify the right nameserver IP in the dhcp reply. The default hosts file setup wasn't going to work for me (or anyone wanting to use vhosts over their LAN.

I still don't get why you guys didn't include a dns / dhcp server to work around this for virtual hosting? - If someone wants to host a site locally (eg admin.lan - instead of /apanel) then you either have to reconfigure the hosts file on every device, configure the dns on every device to use the dns server of your choice and then either use a external dns server or an internal one - and if you use a dns server internally to your network then you need to be able to hand out dhcp leases with a nameserver IP.

Configuring apache to restart it's child threads took some head scratching though. The ApacheSX naming convention for multiple servers (which is weird) made that impossible but once i hacked the php config file so that apache was installed as Apache2.2 instead of ApacheS1.. the -k restart command worked a treat and i can now create vhosts easily without disrupting any http traffic - though this has to be triggered by a bat file rather than php which is a bit annoying but i suppose that's what cron is for.

Also setting up http.conf to allow my logs to be imported into a database table.. that took some doing but i got that working too :D  Those logs are imported via a php service i created - controlled with a service controller like the windows version B) (and yes, it recognises crashed processes and restarts them!)

My UniServer todo list looks like this:

  • Continue work on dns and dhcp servers - including things like AAAA records and bug fixes (the nameserver does work on my setup 24/7 but it's not perfect and the dhcp server conflicts with my partners phone lol so i still need to fix the logic in that)
  • Make a TCP client interface for both dns and dhcp servers (like the filezilla server's interface client)
  • Incoming mail server (you guys got the smtp / outgoing client sorted - though not in 7.0.1 where i had to borrow one from xampp lol - but still no incoming mail handler) - my basic version allows incoming mail to be uploaded to a url such as a php script where it can be processed easily with new features easily written in php rather than a precompiled binary
  • Modify the ssl certificate generating php script to allow it to work for vhosts
  • Modify vhosts.php so that vhosts can be edited - not just created and deleted (a feature i added by commenting each vhost in a ##begin vhost:<domain> and ##end vhost: <domain> type of template in http.conf

Once i've got that lot done i'll be completely happy with my UniformServer setup.

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