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New user served with arbitrary frustration


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Windows 7, Zero XII


All I wanted to do is create virtual host with a hostname only (eg. http://website/) and serve it from a directory outside of UniServerZ/www. OK, here I go...



Apache -> Apache Vhosts -> Create Apache Vhost


Root Folder Name: C:\Users\Me\Documents\website

Server Name: website


Root Folder Name: Incorrect Format

Server Name: Incorrect Format



What's wrong with the format? They are valid by definition.

Try replacing Root Folder with forward slashes. Fail.

OK, I'll go with these values and edit it later.



Root Folder Name: website

Server Name: website.com



Consult Vhosts overview from docs.

Replicate the "the minimum configuration required".

Replace ServerName ServerAlias and DocumentRoot to the proper values in httpd-vhosts.conf.

Restart Apache and UniServer.




Server not found.



Consult Vhosts overview from docs again.

See that UniServer probably changed the hosts file, without any user notification.

Note "Hosts file automatic update". Confirm it's enabled in us_config.ini.



Extra -> Edit Win hosts file



See that my manual changes to httpd-vhosts.conf were not automatically applied on server restart.

Isn't that what "Hosts file automatic update" is supposed to do?

Delete old entry, add new one.



Hostname: website


Host Name: Incorrect Format



What's wrong with the format? It is valid by definition.

Manually edit host file with a text editor.




403 Forbidden: You don't have permission to access / on this server.



Consult Vhosts overview from docs again.

No mention about directories outside /www.


Go to Wiki Main page.

Spend some time trying to figure out what the hell "Series 8-Coral" even means? How does it relate to Zero XII? No idea.


Notice how useful the Vhosts user interface is for this "Coral" version.

Very detailed and simple configuration. Too bad I can't use it.


Find Wiki page for older version of UniServer with "apanel". That interface looks useful too.

Wow, Configuration 1 is exactly what I want.

All pages very detailed. Too bad I can't use any of this.



Consult Vhosts overview from docs again.

Try adding <Directory> field, ignoring "the minimum configuration required".








The UniServer UI and docs made a trivial task needlessly difficult. It seems that UniServer had more useful interfaces in the past? The existence of the old docs makes the situation even more confusing.


And UniServer could perform what I wanted just fine, despite all its complaints!





  1. It's really annoying that UniServer is "always on top" and minimize puts it to the tray. This makes it impossible put UniServer behind other windows (like documentation) to conveniently Alt-Tab between them.
  2. There is zero indication as to why many menu items are greyed out while Apache is running. I spent ten minutes trying to figure out why I had no access to the Vhost menu item, among others. Make things clear and tell me why they're greyed out!


What in god's name is "Series 8-Coral"?

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