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In the URL "http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/PHP_mail_function" well written by "Ric", there is a problem. The php code of mail.php should be:

// Retrieve the data form
$email = $ _ POST ['email'];
$subject = $ _ POST ['subject'];
$message = $ _ POST ['message'];
$headers = 'From:
may.be@laposte.net."\ r \ n". <--(!) added line
'Reply-To: may.be@laposte.net."\ r \ n".
'X-Mailer: PHP /'.phpversion();

// Check if a $ _POST value exists
// If not use defaults

if (empty ($ _ POST ['email'])) {


Indeed, without the php function @mail's parameter named $headers, many webmails respond with an smtp error. Here's an excerpt in the debug.log of fake sendmail for Windows:


ipsum etc. <EOL>
. <EOL>
>> 550 5.5.0 Service refused, please try later.
>> LPN105_510 <EOL>
>> Disconnecting from smtp.laposte.net:25



Best regards.


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