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Zero XI 11.0.9 PHP not rendering page correctly


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I have inherited a php site that Uniserver doesn't render correctly. The site, on ZeroXI 11.0.9, renders all the elements sequentially: first is the contents of header.php, then sidebar.php, index.php, and footer.php all stacked vertically one after another. All the elements in each file are stacked vertically as well.


On the live site the header is at the top, then index below it with the sidebar on the side and the footer at the bottom with all of the elements properly spaced, floated, etc. in each section.


I have compared the generated source code from the live site and uniserver and they are identical.


What could be wrong? I did a standard install. I added PHP 55 & 56 modules and tried them but they made no difference. I've tried test, development and production environments. Behavior is same in FireFox, Chrome and IE.


The site does not use MySQL, just has PHP lines between HTML. The PHP is called with <?php. The HTML head info is in header.php which is an include in the first line of the index.php file.


I'm using Dreamweaver CC which uses the local PHP to render the page so it appears the same as looking at the site on uniserver. Currently I make a change, upload it to a test subdomain on the live server, then look at the test site to see the effect. That's a long way around the barn to discover a typo!


Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Win7 64 SP1 12GB RAM


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Never mind. It turns out it was a bad link to the css file. I guess the live server works because there's only one site there and so all references resolve correctly. Now that I have all the links the same (some were site relative, some document relative) things are working correctly, except for the background image. Once I get rid of irrelevant code hopefully it will all work. Nothing like inherited code to keep you busy for a week!

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