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Resolve hostname from non Windows device


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Hi there, first I would like apologise for my ignorance!


I have Uniserver running as a basic webserver on a Windows 7 PC. This is accessed from a number of different devices running different operating systems over a LAN.


All devices are able to access webpages on webserver using the ip address of the Windows 7 PC. From other windows machines I can use the hostname of the laptop in order to access it, however this is not possible from the other devices (android/mac/linux).


Is it possible to use hostname from other operating systems?

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The problem is that the Windows machine's host name isn't in the DNS lookup for the other devices. Let's say your Windows machine is "target". You would address it as http://target/index.html. You may find that some systems balk at this and want a TLD (like .com). I would use target.lan (make up your own TLD). Whatever choice you make, this name isn't registered in any external DNS, but only in your router's DNS table, if at all.


There are two solutions. One is to add the name-address pair to all the devices' hosts file (a real pain to maintain), or to add your router to the DNS lookup server list. I suggest you do some study on this latter approach which may be specific to your router.


In any case, this is not resolvable from within The Uniform Server.




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