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Exact removal instructions please


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I found various "how to remove" but they're either obviously outdated... or my buggy version is more buggy than I thought.


Since I tried running as a service.. nothing works. There is (nor has there ever been) a tray icon for me to "right click" to stop/remove the service. Now nothing comes up at all. I see the service in "services" and I can start/stop it but I can't remove it.


Exact instructions please.

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yeesh. I figured it out.


OK, first of all... you guys really need to improve on the documentation for removal. All anything says is "there's no registry dust" and then "well, unless you do it as a service". How about, "in which case, here's the registry settings affected..."??


Second... I recalled when setting my port to 80 that a pop-up warned me about other services that use port 80 - such as skype - so I temporarily disabled skype. After rebooting, Skype is back on. But no more warnings. Just frustration while nothing works and no hint as to why.


Consider this post a hint.

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Since there are very many versions of The Uniform Server, it would be nice if you would include the version number you used.


Also, if you were using a Coral version, that has COMPLETE documentation included, with ONE exception. Courtesy of Microsoft, you probably were bit by the HTML script engine not terminating. This would keep the control panels from running properly. This can only be resolved by killing the MSHTA.EXE process left running and then restarting it (start_as_program or start_as_service).


However, without knowing what version you were using, not much more can be said.




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