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Hi, can anybody provide detailed instructions to a technical knucklehead about how to copy a Joomla site that's on a remote server to a Uniform Server localhost for further development.


I have cPanel and Uniform Server is running on my computer.



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Most all applications consist of two main segments that need to be transferred. These are the database and the app directory.


The most reliable database transfer is from a phpMyAdmin backup, which will include all the commands to create the database tables and populate them. Key problems will be resolved in php.ini for time and memory limits on importing the data with phpMyAdmin. Be sure the limits are high enough to cover your import.


The app directory includes all the content in the Joomla directory (unless you put it in the server base, like public_html). You can use a backup from cPanel and 7Zip to extract a copy to www. If you have it in the base, you'll need to select all the appropriate files and directories manually.


I have done this operation for a few live Joomla sites. The main problems I encountered were with *ix-to-Win path changes required for plugins. Can't remember if Joomla core required changes.


Hope that helps.

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