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Upgrading from Mona 4.0 to 4.1


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First, I'd like to say that I've been using the Mona 4.0 release of the Uniform Server for several months and it has run flawlessly and I am very happy with it :unsure:.


Secondly, today I just noticed that a new version of the server has been released (Mona 4.1). I was just wondering if someone here could tell me (step-by-step) how to upgrade to the latest version without losing everything. I currently have 6 sites, 10 MySQL databases, a slightly customized http.conf file and extra modules/libraries/extensions.


EDIT: Actually, even just some basic upgrade instructions would be very helpful and appreciated (ie; I can take care of the other things).


Thanks so much!, Jay

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Perform a dry run on a clean install of 4.1 the following steps should work:


1] Apache did not change hence you can copy over your http.config to 4.1

2] Copy over all your site folders

3] MySQL was a significant upgrade – could be a problem area!

3a] Set the MySQL password as per 4.0 (skip if you did not change it)

3b] On 4.1 set-up users and passwords as per your 4.0 (note these have nothing to do with the application names and passwords) (skip if you are the only admin for this server)

4] MySQL databases, you have two options:

4a] I don’t think table formats changed hence a quick method is to copy over all the databases you created.

(Do not copy over these two folders (databases):




Copy over only the folders (databases) you created.


Run the servers to see if there are any problems.


4b] Should that fail delete these databases you copied over to 4.1. Now export each database from 4.0 and import them to 4.1 using phpMyAdmin.


All the best

Ric :unsure:

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