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Problem accessing sites on a USB drive

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I've installed uniformserver on a USB drive and used the Admin Virtual Host to set up a new host, and have followed the instructions in the wiki about how to get it to work for portable drives, (ie creating a PAC file and setting up my portable Firefox to use it as an automatic proxy, but when I try to access my host I get a 403 Forbidden error saying I don't have permission.


My hosts file looks like:


NameVirtualHost *
<VirtualHost *>
ServerName localhost:80
DocumentRoot /www
##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP##########
<VirtualHost *>
ServerName mysite.local
DocumentRoot F:/mysite


My Windows hosts file looks like:	   localhost	   localhost:80	mysite.local


and my PAC file looks like:


function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
 if (shExpMatch(url,"http://mysite.local/*")) return "PROXY";
 return "";


Is there anything else I've missed or have done wrong? :D

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