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Mini Servers Released


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Mini Servers Released


The mini-servers are lightweight servers designed to support tutorials on the Wiki and to demonstrate the functionality of some common packages such as MediaWiki and Wordpress (See Wiki Mini Servers: Ready To Go). In total there are twenty variants, however because of duplication is effectively reduced. With the exception of “ready to go servers” each server has a service and portable counterpart.


Portable servers have an enhanced control architecture that provides automatic free drive letter detection and diagnostics. All mini-servers have the capability to run alongside each other and Uniform Server. The only restriction Uniform Server must be started first and stopped last, other than that you can run all the servers at the same time should you wish.


All mini-servers have been release on SourceForge.

Wiki support pages have been updated accordingly.


Wiki: Support Pages

Download: SourceForge Mirrors


On behalf of

Uniform Server development team.

Enjoy :blink:

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