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i just found myself looking at apache stats after having

guessed root:root for a response to the user/pswd

prompt while requesting apache stats from apanel.




i've re-installed uniform server several times and thought

that i'd changed the passwords as per doc security sug-

gestions, but it looks like i missed apache's .htpasswd

at w:\www\.htpasswd this last time.


i would have guessed that 1. below controlled access

to apache stats from apanel, but no, 2. below did.


1. W:\htpasswd\home\admin\www\.htpasswd

2. W:\htpasswd\www\.htpasswd


what is apanel doing going through w:\www? (is it?)


this brings me back to my question: what's going on

with these directories?


1. why 4 'www' directories ? (ok, why 2 dirs? a is obvious and c may be obvious).

2. is the password for a. found in c and is the password for b found in d?, and

3. why is ~\home\admin\www named 'www'?


a. w:\www

b. w:\home\admin\www

c. w:\htpasswd\www

d. w:\htpasswd\home\admin\www





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Ric? lol :D



seems true in this instance: a good deed never goes unpunished.


i withdraw the question. i'll find out as i develop.




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