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  1. Alfred

    US 13.4.0 PHP 7.3 cURL

    Just installed the new version, works great! Only one small detail: when I click "About" it still shows it's version 13.4.0. Thanks for the quick and good follow up brainstorm!
  2. Alfred

    US 13.4.0 PHP 7.3 cURL

    I used a small PHP file, or just check phpinfo. In my previous case, cURL was "on" in the config files, Apache started without errors, but cURL didn't show up. <?php if (in_array('curl', get_loaded_extensions())) { echo "CURL is available on your web server"; } else { echo "CURL is not available on your web server"; } ?>I re-tried copying the given DLL files to the Apache/bin folder and restarted my computer. Looks OK for now, which is strange as I already did this the last time (without restarting though). I'm not sure wat the cause of this issue was, but it is solved for now. Thanks!
  3. Alfred

    US 13.4.0 PHP 7.3 cURL

    Yes, but that is OK I think. Path etc were already correct, no files copied to system32. I've located on how to trigger the issue: - Installing the new US in folder "uniserver" - Older version in folder "server" Running the new version, start without errors, but no curl. cURL is enabled, but not working, but also not showing errors. When i shutdown the new version, start the old version, stop and shutdown the old version, restart the new one, it throws the above DLL errors. So basicly I can run a fresh installation of US with cURL enabled, without errors, but cURL not working (weird?). After working in the old version, the new one gets corrupted and throws errors.
  4. Hello Fresh installation of US 13.4.0. Selected PHP 73; activated php_curl.dll; but throws error after starting Apache. "SSL_CTX_set_post_handshake_auth not found in DLL-file D:\uniserver\core\php73\extensions\php_curl.dll" Any ideas? Thanks!
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