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  1. Support Forum, I just started using Uniform Server on a Windows XP Pro system to be used for software testing. I defined a web site and Apache is working great. The problem that I'm having is that I cannot connect the the MySQL database from any other desktop on the network. I have written a very simple application that just tries to connect the the MySQL server based on the location, databaseName, user and password. When I run it on the same desktop that Uniform Server is installed it works great, however when I run it from a different Windows 7 desktop on the network the connection fails with the following error message. "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (0)" Something must be blocking network access to MySQL. I've done the following to open the MySQL Server for network access with no luck. > Disabled the windows firewalls on both systems > Set the WWW configuration from Local and Intranet access > Set the my.ini configuration to contain bind-address = so it will allow connection on all ports > Made sure that skip-networking was not part of the my.ini configuration file > Run $ netstat -abn -p TCP to show that port 3306 is being monitored by mysql > Defined a user named 'sha' with full privileges access to the specific database with HOST set to %. The phpmyadmin definition: USER HOST PASSWORD GLOBAL PRIVILEGES sha % Yes ALL PRIVILEGES sha Yes ALL PRIVILEGES sha Yes ALL PRIVILEGES I must be missing something that needs to be done to allow remote access to the MySQL server. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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