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  1. One wonders why this bug has not been fixed yet, since it's such a crucial thing and we are at PHP 5.4.5 already...
  2. To add something to the empirical data: I just tried 8.5.7-Coral on Windows Server 2008 32-Bit and the problem did not occur for me. After torturing the F5 button for a minute, I could see the handle count went up about 100 and then stayed there no matter how often I refreshed.
  3. I just tried to upgrade to 8.5.6, but uni_con_service.hta throws a script error at me. Screenshot attached. When I click that message away, the console pops up, but is in an unusable state--no matter whether I say Yes or No.
  4. I know that. However, I don't see why the tab wasn't there before. There was no reason for it not to be there as far as I know. I was logged in both times as root with all privileges.
  5. Never mind. Complete restart of the server fixed the problem.
  6. Hi all! I just upgraded my Uniform Server from 8.0.0 to 8.5.5. When I open phpMyAdmin, I notice that a few tabs are missing, my main concern being the Privileges tab. Any idea on how I can get it back? Thanks in advance.
  7. Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi all! I'm having a problem with the latest Uniform Server versions when using SSL. I experience very frequent connection resets. And I never managed to make a successful connection from localhost via SSL. From other machines yes, but only sometimes. Regular HTTP works fine though. I'm currently running Coral 8.0.0 (OpenSSL 1.0.0e) and everything works fine. But I'm trying to update since version 8.5.2. I guess it has something to do with OpenSSL which is at version 1.0.1 now and hasn't been upgraded during the last 4 releases. Any thoughts on that? Does anyone else have the same problem perhaps? I didn't change much of the default configuration. Basically only the ports. I'm using 60001 for SSL. I trust that's not a problem? Thanks for any help in advance.
  9. Same here. First an empty folder, now apparently invisible files. What's up?
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