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  1. me again, it doesn't seem to be an issue with the phpmyadmin script, I was also not able to use the mysql prompt to connect. So I believe finally it is related to the root users access rights. Also I have detected that I have no more access to the internal mysql database with the root user.
  2. Hello, I am quite new to the Uniform Server but like the tool a lot. However I am facing a strange issue with access rights in phpMyAdmin. I have installed the Uniform Server 8.4.0 and installed some PHP scripts, all was working fine, I was able to create DBs with phpMyAdmin link shown in the Server Windows Tool. Then after rebooting the PC and restarting the Uniform Server I saw a strange error in phpMyAdmin that I have no Privileges to create Databases or create Tables. The user shown is root@localhost I was able to repeat same issue with with a new installation of the Uniform server. Please do you have any idea how I have full privileges again? Thanks Lindi
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