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  1. I'm not so experienced with all of this so I have a few more questoins. I was wondering if there's any advantage security wise to set connections to my LAN IP address as opposed to just editing out the allow/deny settings since the router will only allow outside access from its specific WAN address? In other words if someone from the outside were to get past the router wouldn't he be allowed access to everyone on the LAN either way? What I'm actually looking for is a way to keep anyone from outside getting in. From what I unerstand someone would have to know the router WAN IP (IGA) to do anything (I don't have a registered domain name, global address, or whatever you call an address that is exposed to everyone on the internet) and even then it would be difficult to get in and it's probably not really necessary(?). But I figure if there is a way better safe than sorry. Would that be something that I would need to do with some sort of firewall settings instead?

  2. I saw in the Uniform Server setting that Danish is the second option for language. Olajideolaolorun, are you from Denmark? My wife is Danish and we're going to be visiting there in September. We've been living in Thailand doing volunteer work for many years. Looking forward to our visit there although not too sure we'll be able to cope with the cold? Nice and warm here. Right now about 35 centrigrade!

  3. I am attempting to use the Zend debugger and am not sure what I'm doing wrong as it keeps telling me in the code I check that I'm not connecting to MySQL. Does anyone know what the problem could be? My code works fine on the server so it's not a code problem, at least I wouldn't think so? :)

    Sorry, what I mean with a code problem is that the code I'm checking works fine in the server so it's not a problem with the code I'm checking. It may be something to do with the way I have set up ZDE with the Uniform Server(?)

  4. I edited my htaccess file in the www folder to enable LAN access but don't want to be exposed to the internet. Do I need to add any changes to htaccess for the server to only allow access from the LAN and not from an outsider on the internet?

  5. Ok.. a> make sure you do not have a file called LIBMYSQL.DLL in the C:/Windows or C:/Widows/System32 folder.


    Also, make sure your code is correct and you do not have a bug in it.


    Delete 3.2 and just use 3.3. You do not need 3.2....


    Thanks Megan


    Thank you for the input. OK. It's working. I don't know what happened as I didn't do anything except to check one last time to make sure my code didn't work before I sent it to you to check and lo and behold it worked(?) OK.

    So as for the 3.2 I already deleted it but I still can get the admin page for it when I go to http://localhost/a/. Of course none of the links work but the page still exist somehow. This may be a dumb question but where is my browser getting the info from for that page if I deleted it? Just curious. It's not a problem and I can live with it but if there is a way to get rid of it can you let me know?

    Thanks so much.

  6. ok then if it is not simple and straightforward you will need one of the more knowledgeable people to help you - the only other thing I can think of is when the new package was installed it would have the default password & user id for mysql and if you are using different login and password, you would have to change the defaults to those.


    I only thought you didn't know about the new apanel url because you did not mention it in your post


    sorry not to be more help, megan



    OK, thanks for replying so quickly. I have tried the default username password and set up my own username password as well but still didn't work? Maybe I'm getting the syntax wrong but I've tried it several ways?

  7. Hello -


    in version 3.3 you go to uniform server new admin panel by going to localhost/apanel/ and then in the left menu you should be able to turn on mysql and your scripts should then be able to connect.


    hth ~ megan



    Thanks. I am aware of that. I have been able to turn on MySQL and have run PHP scripts from the server. The problem is that I don't connect when I run a PHP mysql_connect function.

    For the 3.2a problem I just wondered why I can still go to the 3.2a window when I'm using 3.3 and have deleted 3.2a from my computer?

  8. Hi. I'm new to programming or at least PHP. I've loaded Uniserver

    3.2a previously and now 3.3. I'm having a few problems. The main

    problem I'm having is connecting to MySQL. I'm also still getting the

    3.2a main page when I go to localhost/a/. Well actually I was looking

    for the home page on localhost/ and I got the old 3.2a page showing

    the "here has to be your server" page with the reference to the 3.2a

    admin page and that was how I discovered the 3.2a admin page was

    still there. If it isn't a problem my main concern is connecting to

    MySQL. I've tried the PHP manual examples and I keep getting "Call to

    undefined function mysql_connect()". I haven't made any config

    changes. Am I suppose too? I basically am running the program as was

    downloaded from your sight. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to change

    anything or do anything to Windows as it mentioned something in the

    PHP manual about setting the path to the PHP directory so Windows

    could access the mysql dll. Do you have a clue as to what my problem

    could be? Please advise. Thanks.

    PS I'm using Windows 2006 v3

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