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  1. I can get Perl.exe to Parse only while I am running from the command promt ('DOS' prompt) If i try to load a Perl file from my webserver Like LocalHost\PerlTest.pl my broswer always say file not found? What's up with that...I admit I'm new and probably doing something stupid but please help me anyway.
  2. I’m in school, I don’t know anything about Web Programming, although I’m an excellent Desktop Programmer...Anyway, they forced me into an Online class, and I totally can’t understand whatever the teacher isn’t telling us. So that’s where I am. I’m trying to get UniformServer to run. I just got it installed on my flash drive and I was so excited; it works…Comes up with LocalHost…But now I need to get it to do stuff… I need to create like a virtual directory so that I can type in: http://localhost/mark (my name) and then I need my Perl project to come up. I’ll be able to do the Perl programming, but what I’m really asking is how do I get it to accept my http://localhost/mark? Simply putting a folder inside the …Uniform Server\diskw\home\admin\www doesn’t seem to help…I was just going simple too…I put in an HTML named it default.html and tried putting http://localhost/default.html and it still wouldn’t go. How do I get any of that to work. Eventually I really need the http://localhost/mark to work, but anything would be a step in the right direction.
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