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  1. Retsel

    PHP showing blank pages

    I think the answer I just got for my problem might be helpful to you. I don't know how to link to it so I'll repeat the answer (from Ric) here: -------------------------------- There are two configuration files for PHP production and development. For security reasons Uniform Server defaults to production and error reporting to screen is disable. To check which file you are using, from UniTray run “Server Status” A script will run, fourth line down shows which file is switch in. For error reporting you need to use the development file. From UniTray select “Advanced” From sub-menu run the third item from bottom “php.ini switch to development” Restart servers to allow new configuration to be picked up. Errors will be displayed to screen Additional errors are found in file UniServer\usr\local\apache2\logs\error.log This file is accessible from UniTray “Server information and logs” This answer was from Ric ---------------------------------------- Hope this helps, Retsel
  2. Retsel

    How to view PHP errors

    Ric, That information was what I needed. Many thanks! Retsel
  3. I've just recently installed Uniserver, and I can't figure out where or how to view php errors that occur as I'm trying to debug php programs. Any help would be appreciated.
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