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  1. Hello, I'm using Uniform Server [5.5-Nano] on localhost on Windows 7, running a Perl script processing a large keyword file. I get the 504 Gateway Time-out - I understand why - it takes a lot of time to process that many keywords (I can see that the perl process is active in task manager) however after some time I get the 504 Gateway Time-out error. Is there a way to increase the timeout or remove it altogether? Thanks!
  2. Hey folks! I was wondering if there is ANY way at all to make UniServer work with "#!/usr/bin/perl" instead of the whole path? Change something inside the software to know that #!/usr/bin/perl is equal to the whole path to perl that I would manually set? I use UniServer to test scripts on my PC, but I then upload them to a server so it's pretty inconvenient having to change that every time... Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Yes I should be using v 5.5 although on the About dialog it says 5.0 but the zip file is UniServer5_5.exe... My OS is Win7 64bit. After I run the server_status.bat here's what I get: 1_port_check.bat: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP ESTABLISHED TCP LISTENING TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT This test checks ports are free to use. Scan down Local Address column Look for any address ending with the following: :80 (Apache standard port) :443 (Apache standard SLL port) :3306 (MySQL standard port) Any entries found will prevent Uniform Server running Disable any program using the above ports. Generally Skype and IIS occupy port 80. Move Skype to another port, stop IIS se rver. Rerun test to ensure the ports are free (not listed) Note 1: Press any key to rerun. Note 2: To close this window click top right cross Press any key to continue . . . So when I run the 2_Apache_program.bat the server works... What does that mean, that I need to change some firewall settings or UAC? EDIT: I think I've fixed the problem. I went on to Windows Firewall and deleted some rules for mysql and I think that made it work....
  4. Hey guys! I've just downloaded UniformServer and unpacked it and launched it. But when I load anything - like phpmyadmin, or the control panel, or the perl script that's inside cgi-bin - nothing loads - it's just blank... And I don't really have a clue what could be wrong so I was wondering maybe you'd be able to point me into the right direction? Many thanks!
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