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  1. Frage

    mySql Error #1045

    Thanks for the help and what not and will do!
  2. Frage

    mySql Error #1045

    It still seems to be saying the same thing 5.1.35-community I also got a default UniServer installation and attempted to upgrade MySql first, that time I got a "Connection was reset" error from the browser. (Firefox)
  3. Frage

    mySql Error #1045

    Thanks, Ric, that did get me back into phpMyAdmin, but it still says I'm running MySql 5.1.35 Is that normal? I extracted all the 5.1.36 files into the usr\local\mysql directory and let them overwrite all. Then I did the password recovery.
  4. Frage

    mySql Error #1045

    I've searched the SQL forums and looked at the other topics regarding this issue, I've attemped those fixes, but have had no luck. The error is I'm gonna say "Bill" is the username. I'm trying to get SQL 5.1.36 installed. Anybody know of another work around? This is for UniServer 4.3 The only change I've done to the sever is upgraded PHP to 5.3.0 Thanks
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