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  1. Right no joy on windows 7 32 bit going over to the mac side to try it in a moment. Went into the logs and got the following error [sat Oct 17 16:22:16 2009 ] [notice] EACCELERATOR(5260): PHP crashed on opline 14 of mysql_close() at F:\uniserver53\UniServer\www\xcart\include\install.php:820 [sat Oct 17 16:22:27 2009] [crit] Parent: child process exited with status 3 -- Aborting. does this help at all?
  2. Just to follow up it now seems that this problem happens on all OS on different PCs that are 64 bit. Its very odd that it fails on the same table each and every time. Im off to try installing it on a 32bit OS and on my mac and see what happens.
  3. Hi there, I used to have Xcart working with an older version of Uniform server (i forget which older version now...sorry) The install of Xcart goes fine until a point where its creating tables. It always bombs out at the same table. I was wondering has anyone got the latest builds working with Xcart 4.2.2? Im not sure what other information is needed other than in running windows 7 64 bit and have tried it on that and on a virtual XP machine as well.
  4. Hi All, Just new to this web type develoment thing. Have used an older version of uni server without issues before, however with 3.3 running on vista I have a slight problem Run disk start select W opens up ie and at the bottom it keeps going "connecting to localhost" and then if i wait a bit , takes me to the apanel directory. Is this normal behaviour? Had a quick look around on the forums and couldnt see anything that helps. Apache has been unblocked from windows firewall so Im at a loss. Cheers Mark
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