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  1. I'm running 3.5-Apollo and using the Apache server to start/manage ong-running local processes via proc_open() (up to 3600 seconds).


    But once I kick off 2 of these processes, my Apache server won't respond to any other requests - it just queues them up until one of the servers is free. Looking at the XP task manager, I only see 2 Apache.exe processes at any given time. Plus, my dual CPU usage is only around 25%.


    How do I start more servers to handle the other requests?


    I'm running the following in my httpd.conf:


    <IfModule mpm_winnt.c>

    ThreadsPerChild 250

    MaxRequestsPerChild 0






    4. Edit the php.ini file in /usr/local/php/ folder. Uncomment the extension, php_exif.dll in the file. Make sure that the extension comes after the php_mbstring.dll extension. If the php_mbstring.dll extension is also commented, which it shouldn't, uncomment it.



    FYI, I just did this for US3.5 and the php.ini file move php_exif.dll first, so I had to move it AFTER the line for php_mbstring.dll. It seems like the default ini file should be fixed.

  3. To make things work, that was a mistake, it should say: /home/admin/www/includes/secure.pm, but if you want to disable it, go to the config.inc.php file instead in the includes folder.... That is the best way.


    Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. I went to config.inc.php and changed


    $unisecure = "0"; //Use secure.php if set to 1


    but I still get the error when I try to start mysql. Maybe I change a different line to get apanel to work on port 8080? Also, I noticed this:


    $host = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"];


    Is there a way to edit this to include the port number if it is not 80? I tried to edit it directly, but that did not work.



    Look into your Firewall and Antivirus to make sure that they are not blocking Port 80!


    Do you have Skype installed? or have you ever installed the single distro of Apache, PHP or MySQL?



    FWIW, for others who are wrestling with the same problem, the way I read your response above, I thought that you meant to use Skype, or another Apache distro, to test if a firewall was actively blocking the ports. I had Skype, it worked, and I assumed that the Firewall was correctly disabled.


    I didn't realize that Skype would be blocking port 80.

  5. I made the changes in http.conf and the server starts fine on the new Port no, but I get this mysql security error from /apanel/ (v3.4 Sluger):


    HTTP_REFERER is not localhost, but 'http://localhost:8080/apanel/navigation.php'.


    To disable this warning go: /home/admin/www/cgi-bin/secure.pm



    I went to that location, but there is not file called secure.pm. It seems like I cannot start mysql until I address this problem. any thoughts?


    Also, How do you make Server_Start or the UniController open a new browser window on the new port? It still pops open the page on http://localhost/ (no port specified)



  6. You shouldn't have to do anything, I am running Vista Ultimate and it works perfectly. Like olajideolaolorun said, check the windows firewall and make sure those ports are unblocked.


    Sorry, I figured it out, the problem was that I HAVE Skype, but it was taking port 80. I had to stop skype and then the Uniform server started up just fine. And stupid me, I had the same problem with 3.3 but I forgot that I edited the config files for that one to run on port 8080.


    This is a wonderful LAMP distro, I really like the fact that I can just copy it around. But this is the second time I had to wrestle with the Skype port 80 problem -- is there any way you can test for an open port and then send the appropriate error message?


    Also, is there a quick way to config for port 8080?


    Still, I'm a big fan and I'll give you my vote.

  7. None! You dont need tos et any file sharing properties. Just allow Open port 80 and 3360 in the Windows Firewall (TCP) and everything should work.... you dont even have to do all that, it should ask you to unblock them....


    Hope you have a new copy!



    I went throught Server_Start.bat line by line, and it seems to fail on this line:


    start %programit%uniserv.exe "%apacheit%" "%closeit%"


    after it fails, I think %closeit% closes the mapped drive. Either way, I can't find Apache in the task manager.


    Any thoughts?

  8. This works perfectly on Vista believe me. And you do not need to modify anything or do anything so whatever help i give you here has to be tried on a new download that has not been modified.


    A. Do you have Skype? or have you ever installed the single distro of Apache, PHP or MySQL? or firewall that might be blocking port 80? Windows Firewall even, but it should ask you if you want to unblock, if it didn't, that might be the problem....


    I got it to map W: to udrive, briefly, by turning off the Windows firewall. But then I fiddled with the file-sharing settings and rebooted and now I can't get it to work. I just installed Vista, so still a newbie here. Can you tell me what combination of file sharing(?) is necessary for this to work?

  9. Just tried to install 3.4 in Vista, and it looks like it's not mapping udrive properly. I tried to modify the batch file, but I'm not expert on DOS scripting. Also tried to manually map udrive as a network drive to W:, but it clashed with the script.


    Has anyone gotten this to work on Vista? Any thoughts?

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