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    DBI module

    I'd like that too as I've just tried to install MT onto the server and it fails as it needs DBD:Mysql and the mt instructions say " If you need to install DBD::mysql, DBD::Pg, or DBD::SQLite
  2. what I've found (several times) is that if there is a clash with w: not existing (which sometimes happens), an error in httpd.conf or rotatelogs not being correct (or already running in memory) the server will start so you get the front page, but then immediately shuts down again. Normally a reboot would clear it, but i've since found out that having a valid httpd.conf, or killing off rotatelogs in memory would allow me to restart the server and get it working again.
  3. Yep - just found that. Either I was being lazy or some links were broken somewhere.
  4. I've found that the /a mapping seems to disappear on my server. It works to start with but when i click away to the main page via the "Web Server" link and then go back again, /a comes back with page not found. (404) Any ideas
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