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  1. Ditto here using 5.0-Nano beta 2, Joomla works great, as does the new beta Keep up the great work guys!
  2. Hi Deron, I have installed Expression Engine on my PC using Uniform Server, it installs and runs with no problems at all. Hosting it on the web is also easy as it is a straightforward install and only needs standard hosting setups for Php and Mysql etc. Good luck, Michael
  3. Hi, Zend Studio Server (now discontinued) is a much easier install and doesn't need Mysql and all the other things installed with the new development version, I have installed the whole setup within Uniform Server. Full instructions and downloads are here - http://www.zend.com/forums/index.php?t=msg...ownload#msg_134 Best regards, Michael
  4. Hi Rernst, Look in - \diskw\plugins\Services\ Regards, Michael
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