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  2. Hello, Uniserver Zero XIV 14.0.3 comes with PHP8. Greyed out are different PHP7 versions, but I can't activate them. Installed PHP 7.4 module - worked. Means, Uniserver14 doesn't come with different versions preinstalled. But my problem: Also, I tried to install an old version, PHP5 from this site, installed it, a folder core/php53 was created - but doesn't appear in the list of selectable PHP versions.
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  4. For such creativity, always go for the best. I've been surfing cloudways for my cloud php stuff and it's going pretty well. As per your thread going for multiple website in single hosting might be increase complexity but still I will suggest you to send your queries on the mentioned platform they have some high level tech support.
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  6. I've been doing Photoshop for a long time. But I think there are people who have to do their job. I needed to make a logo for the store. I could make them myself. But I decided that I would use the services of the guys who offer here https://www.namecheap.com/guru-guides/how-to-make-a-logo/. I went through the step-by-step instructions.
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  11. Photoshop is a lot of fun. My friends and I often have fun when we process each other's photos. I would like to learn how to use more sophisticated programs.
  12. I'm thinking about starting to do photoshop. I've been taking different courses. Now I'm planning to get a job at a company and start making invitation posters for different events. Do you have any options for these invitations?
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  25. Not just go for hosting but for fast and well managed hosting, just like I've been using the Modx Hosting to play stuff more accurate. Things are pretty fair managed here with built-in caches and SSD-Based Hosting.
  26. Hi, I had this same issue & I took I had hired a developer who helped me to fix this issue. However if you are still facing this issue then I would recommend a resource where you will find some RSS Feed Plugins for your website.
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