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How to add PHP 5.6 to latest Uniform Server?

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Latest UniformServer removed PHP 5.6 from package. As I often do porting old PHP code I need old PHP.

How can I add it?


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To use PHP56, you have 1 of 2 options.

Option 1: Use an older version of UniformServer that has PHP56 support

Option 2: Put PHP56 under the PHP70 menu item and run it from there.

To do this

1. Download the php56 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Uniform Server ZeroXIV/ZeroXIV Modules/ZeroXIV_php_5_6_30_j.exe/download 

2. Unzip this into the UniformServer Folder.

3. Change the following:

   * Rename the core\php56 to core\php70
   * Rename core\apache2\conf\extra_us\php70.conf to core\apache2\conf\extra_us\php70_actual.conf
   * Rename core\apache2\conf\extra_us\php56.conf to core\apache2\conf\extra_us\php70.conf
   * Inside the file core\apache2\conf\extra_us\php70.conf (you renamed this). You will need to change any \php56\ to \php70\ to correct the path.

Restart UniformServer and run a Apache Syntax check, to check if everything is ok. Should show Syntax OK. If so all good, if not check the errors and correct them. Post them here if you need help.

Now if you choose PHP70 from the menu, you will get UniformServer running with PHP56.



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Why don't you allow installing php56 under its own version number? We should be able to have both version 56 and 70 available.

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