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How to setup LetsEncrypt SSL certificates?

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Is there documentation describing how to set up usingLetsEncrypt SSL certificates in Uniform Server?

I have several virtual hosts (different domains) and I want each to be accessed using https.

Also it would be good to have LetsEncrypt SSL certificates automatically renewed.

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We do have Let's Enctypt in our UniformServer development pipeline. However, i am a little carried away with work at the moment to make many useful updates to UniformServer. We are looking for community developers who can help out. 

The code for UniformServer is on github https://github.com/iamola/uniserver and if you are able to an in Let'sEncrypt certs of let us know the procedure to, it would definitely help..

Thanks for your time.

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I'm also looking into this.
I've tried to follow different guides (using Certbot and Crypt:LE) but even though I could create the certificates, I was never able to properly install them on the server...

Would it be possible for you to write down what needs to be done in order to properly install SSL certificates on Uniform Server?  I would really appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

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