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Len Jacobson

'laptop-test-server' Created -- Can't Open Test Server From Browser

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On my new laptop (running Windows 10 Pro), I have created a test server.  It appears to be working correctly with one exception -- I cannot enter "laptop-test-server" into the URL field of my browser and bring up the test server.  When I do that, the browser brings up a search engine that shows me hits for the search on "laptop-test-server".

I have modified the 'hosts', 'httpd.conf', and 'httpd-vhosts.conf' files as I have always done.  But this time it doesn't work.

I have attached the 'hosts' file in its entirety.  I have attached just the last section of the 'httpd.conf' file, because the rest of that file is exactly the original content of the file.  And I have attached the 'httpd-vhosts.conf' file.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Len Jacobson

My_hosts My_httpd.conf My_httpd-vhosts.conf

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You should be able to add in Virtual Hosts using the Uniformserver interface itself.. It will automatically do all the configuration for you.

Apache->Apache Vhosts->Create Apache Vhost

If it still does not work, I will take a deeper look into it.


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In all my years of using UniServer, I have always had my test server located at:


and I have called my test server:


When I executed the Apache->Apache Vhosts->Create Apache Vhost as you suggested, it asks for the Root Folder Name.  I entered "www\TestServer", which it said was an incorrect format.  Entering just "TestServer" was accepted.

But it won't accept "laptop-test-server" as the Server Name.  It says it is an "incorrect format".

Please advise.

And thank you so very much for trying to help me!!!

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