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2018 PHP latest version

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I'm waiting for update on US for 2018-19 because last update are old 2017


I need latest actual PHP version because I use it online but offline I use US.

How can we make a new version for US ?


or when there is new updates of US itself :


apache 2.4.25 to 2.4.35
MySQL 5.6.31 to 5.8 or 8.0.0
mariadb 10.0.26 to 10.3.8
php 7.1.1 to 7.2.10
phpmyadmin 4.6.6 to 4.8.3
adminer 4.2.2 to 4.6.3
Some tutorial to make our own upgrades from the auteur or the community will be a must

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You are on your own to update the components of Uniform Server. It's never going to happen from the Uniform Server crew.


I would highly suggest you do what I have done and that is switch to Laragon. Actively developed and supported.




Plus ... as with US, it does run nicely from a USB stick :)

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We (PilotLogic Lab) can continue the Uniform Server development

if the Uniform Server Develop Team agree with this.


We have alive, the full source of Uniform Server.


Please, your opinion and suggestions

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PHP is one of the easiest server-side scripting languages. PHP 7 is the latest version

Now PHP 7.1.16 is going to announce by PHP development team in 2018. Main features of this version is , many bugs have been fixed by one security fix.

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