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Install issues

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A new user - switching from easyPHP. So far it all looks sweet; thanks.

I couldn't see a folder for general questions.


Issue #1 - I downloaded to my /temp folder and, not realizing sequence, ended up installing US there. How can I change dir? I tried unpacking into another folder but it still defaults to /temp/UniserverZ


Issue #2 - I am looking to run a CMS. On load it complains that...

> PHP Curl (Data Transfer Library) is not installed

> PHP OpenSSL (Secure Sockets Library) is not installed


I looked under documentations>plugins



There are various curl downloads but I wonder if you have any suggestion -

1 - where best to download - in relation to US

2 - how to include with US



I go to https://www.openssl.org/source/ and imagine to d'load the latest:

openssl-1.1.1-pre6.tar.gz (SHA256) (PGP sign) (SHA1)

again - how to include with US?




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A bit of further work and I see that I need to stop the Apache processes of /temp.

Then run the second instance of UniController.exe.


Still looking for answers on curl & SSL

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