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Lee Davis

Compulsory Holiday Donation Nagware Beatdown

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As I'm thankful to be approaching the completion of some major goals with the assistance of the Uniform Server, I did something I rarely do these days. I actually had the presence of mind to make a charitable contribution towards the development and upkeep of the project as I've decided to settle on it as my local machine server of choice. I understand that there is an expenditure of time, effort, and monetization to keep everything moving forward. I really don't know how Olajide and Ric manage to provide a world-class, commercial-grade, enterprise-ready level application at an Open-Source price, but I knew I had to at least kick in a little to the kitty just to show my overall appreciation for their work.


Something that's not that common but should be all the more. And, you know what? It made me feel GREAT! To know that I'm doing my part to keep a valuable resource online. As well, I was inspired enough to knock out a piece of content devoted to Uniform Server on Bubble.ws in a bid to raise the public profile of the application in general. In fact, it something that I'm always recommending around to other developer friends on and offline as a standard among applications of its' type. As I'm neither an employee of or affiliate for Uniform Server, I'm just here to do some public arm-twisting ( :lol:). In fact, it'd be boss to see people pony up in the next 5-7 days.


Remember how lucky we are to have such a stellar piece of programming, and it deserves all the love, word-of-mouth, and market adoption it can get. Both now, and in the year(s) to come. To once again put my money with my mouthy, I'd like to offer to everyone who does donate and either posts to this thread or PMs me about it;


1) A package of article publishing templates,

2) A package of article content in different formats,

3) A package of content-related software, AND

4) A URL list of $0.00 resources that you may not have/heard about


Please be advised that this offer only has a shelf-life of the next 5-7 days, with all the offered items coming offline as they're being exploited for a real-time (snail) mail-order project. Also, give me a bit of time to reply to your public/private post. Even though I'll be auto-notified of responses, and checking repeatedly daily, I still have a few things to be done in connection with this offer. For a good cause, I want to make sure Olajide and Ric KNOW that they just aren't wasting their talents on a bunch of unappreciative, swinish mongrels with a monster-sized case of serial entitlement. Do what you can, but all who do will be rewarded. Thanks for reading this, all!

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Oh, sorry, I guess I SHOULD say that I'm not a new member of the forum. I think the board went a little wonky lately, as I've been having problems with posting images and links. My former nom de plume, HomeOffice, is now a scratched-up incarnation, and I'm just getting on and contributing to the community. Please consider a gift to Uniform Server in the next 5-7 days?

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