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Really... the 4 letter limit is stupid...

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Back on the site trying to figure out how to get the database working again after updating and I'm still getting the 4 letter limit on this forum...



Other forums don't have that limit...


How are you supposed to search for:

no databaase connection mysql?


PHP not working?


getting error 1045 with PDO?


And going to google to search for answer on this site is stupid...

I don't want to search through pages and pages looking for the links back to this site so I can find a fix SPECIFIC to Uniform Server and not the 200 zillion other ways to have a wamp or apache/php server configured.


My eyes are burning enough...


It's stupid...


Please fix it!!!


My 2 cents...


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And while I'm at it search google for:


pdo not working uniform server


you get this "wizard's" website for the top link on the page...


then you have to click twice in IE to get to the US site and in chrome you don't get there at all.

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